Hy-Vee - HY-VEE
9080 W 135th St, Overland Park KS
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 91
GPS coordinates: N 38.88374 W 94.69118 (located from address)
Updated by KSTahoe, August 04, 2016 22:43 CDT
Station now has 87 octain
Updated by Jason B., December 02, 2013 11:13 CST
Confirmed on 11/23/2013, 91 octane is ethanol-free per stickers, but lower grades are E10
Updated by Aaron, November 05, 2013 8:33 CST
Update - Sloop is my hero.
Updated by Jon Sloop, October 21, 2013 14:42 CDT
I tested the 91 Octane at this Hy-Vee using the water test and dye test. This fuel is 100% Pure-Gas, no ethanol added. You should pump one or two gal to clear the hose but this stuff is great! I saved $200 fulling up my plane this weekend!!! Thank you Hy-Vee.
Updated by Aaron, October 17, 2013 18:02 CDT
I'm waiting for my test kit to arrive but my initial (albeit crude) test indicates that the 91 octane may contain a small amount of ethanol... I live just down the street from this station and would love for it to truly be ethanol free... the 87 and 89 fuels have a sticker that says 10% ethanol the 91 octane does not have this sticker I will update this when my new test kit arrives (old kit was lost in the move)
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, October 09, 2013 19:14 CDT
Aded phone number.
Updated by Dick LeClaire, October 09, 2013 13:51 CDT
Added GPS Coordinates
Posted by Dick LeClaire, October 09, 2013 13:49 CDT
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