Nelson Petroleum - UNBRANDED
208 S West Ave, Arlington WA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 92
GPS coordinates: N 48.19089 W 122.12942 (entered by BigJosh)
Updated by Ken Wilkerson, August 09, 2020 22:28 CDT
Still selling 92 and 87 octane non-ethanol. They are CFN cardlock vendors. But, just wave and they'll turn the pump on for ya if you don't have a card. Nice people!
Updated by Hugh, October 12, 2019 9:12 CDT
First visit, description still good. 87 @ $2.9 compared to $3.3 @ local station. Memories for me flipping lever on pump with mechanical readout.
Updated by litesong, October 27, 2018 20:06 CDT
Gas is up, specially in my Washington state. E0 pure gas is really high, 31+% higher than cheap (now uncheap) E10. This, my favorite E0 station, traditionally sold E0 for "only" 22% higher than E10. Now, in this period of increasingly steep gas prices, this station is trying to help, selling E0 at 16% over E10, at $3.77.
Updated by litesong, July 18, 2018 16:09 CDT
Have been E0 gassing my 3 low compression ratio, 87 octane, non-hybrid, non-turbo cars here for some months. Without large gas tanks, careful driving have registered 500+ mile tanks of gas & MPG, 40 to 48MPG.
Updated by litesong, May 18, 2018 3:10 CDT
Am getting Ford Festiva back in action, which loves 100% gasoline(E0). Stopped at this store & they said the present 87 octane E0 is $3.66. That is a very good price in these parts for E0, which is usually ~ 90cents more expensive than cheap E10, which is now ~ $3.18. .
Updated by Chuck, May 11, 2018 12:22 CDT
With a CFN card non-ethanol fuels are available 24/7.
Updated by Jan Taylor, September 12, 2017 19:17 CDT
Not open on Sundays. Nowhere else nearby. Snif!
Updated by RDR, August 20, 2016 21:25 CDT
92 oct $3.11, tested A-OK. Nice folks.
Updated by BigJosh, June 16, 2016 18:51 CDT
Updated Lat/Long Open Saturdays 8am-4pm Cash/CC/Debit ONLY when office open.
Updated by Rinnwald, December 16, 2015 15:49 CST
Nelson has posted that they are back to winter hours until April 16. No more weekends. Weekdays only, open until 5:00PM.
Updated by litesong, March 19, 2015 14:11 CDT
Called your station & you said your station would be open Saturdays, 8am to 4pm, beginning April 4, 2015. Thank you. You will now be convenient for me to get to, which I normally couldn't on week days.
Updated by Chuck, March 04, 2015 17:51 CST
We now have 92 octane.
Updated by litesong, October 20, 2014 19:01 CDT
Corrected coordinates: N48.19091378625098 W122.12925508618355 Some blocks south & west of erroneous coordinates.
Updated by Raven, January 21, 2014 13:28 CST
The sign on the building reads: Nelson Distributing (but my receipt says Nelson Petroleum.) It is west across the railroad tracks from Les Schwab. 87 octane was $3.59 this morning. You must pre-pay inside the building, then the clerk comes out with you to the pump and unlocks it.
Updated by bud, January 21, 2014 8:47 CST
Updated by litesong, January 14, 2014 17:36 CST
Filled half a tank here, after a number of other station lethargic 100% gasoline tanks that I attributed to winter blend gas(34 & 37mpg--I averaged 39+mpg thru warm weather months). Anyhow, on the highway drive home, the trip computer mpg built strongly thru the 30's & continued into the 40's. As I drove into my garage, the trip indicated 46mpg. Good way to dispel the winter blues. Against my usual driving, most of the trip was without the ECO button on. Temperatures were a pleasant 51-53degF, of which my car responds very well to temperatures above 50degF.
Updated by Rick, January 06, 2014 22:40 CST
Correction: this is primarily a cardlock location as I previously noted, but the pumps for untainted gas and for racing gas are only accessible during office hours, 0700-1700 M-F.
Updated by Rick, January 03, 2014 18:03 CST
This is primarily a cardlock location - anyone with a CFN card can get fuel 24/7/365.
Updated by litesong, December 31, 2013 6:51 CST
Not open during week-end.
Updated by litesong, October 17, 2013 9:49 CDT
I filled here a couple weeks ago. The actual station position is south of the map location, some hundreds of yards & immediately to the west side of Highway 9, accessed by an underpass. Friendly service, even to the extent of modifying some of my equipment needs. The 87 octane, 100% gasoline ran well in my car, possibly a trace low on mpg(possible winter blend fuel?).
Updated by Chuck, October 05, 2013 11:13 CDT
wrong address
Posted by Dustin Nelson, September 19, 2013 16:11 CDT