Cougar Stop - CONOCO
35073 Us Hwy 96 S, Buna TX
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 89 91
GPS coordinates: N 30.44151 W 93.96936 (located from address)
Updated by John, April 26, 2018 21:56 CDT
This store still has ethanol free gasoline. I paid $2.79 per gallon for 87 octane on 04/20/2018.
Updated by JD, December 04, 2017 22:41 CST
The unleaded 87 grade may well be non-ethanol, however, there are signs that clearly state it is the only grade of ethanol free gas, or there used to be. There cannot possibly be 3 grades of ethanol free gasoline and 3 grades of ethanol gasoline at this site, because there are only 3 tanks in the ground. Take a look for yourself, and please correct me if I am wrong and all grades are now ethanol free.
Updated by Shawn, May 06, 2017 13:55 CDT
Just Realized that their Ethanol-Free Premium gas is 91 octane, not 93. So went ahead and updated that
Updated by John Holmes, October 28, 2016 14:46 CDT
10/28/16: man said has plenty of ethanol-free, but would not give price; just that it's under $3.00 per gallon.
Updated by Gerald, December 10, 2015 14:45 CST
Don't pay any attention to Texxan. His irrational rambling is not how to tell if it is pure gas. I buy their for most of my fill-ups and it is pure gas. All you have to do it put a little in a gar along with a little water and shake it. if it turns milky it has ethanol in it. if it separates after a while it is pure gas. The jerking of the hose he speaks of is because all the pump vents are connected. It has nothing to do with the pump gas line itself.
Updated by Texxan, November 19, 2015 21:34 CST
I have been using the Ethanol free gas from this location for a month or so. I had doubts about the ethanol free claim which were confirmed today. I was filling from the pure gas pump when another person began filling at the pump containing gas with ethanol. When their tank got full the person pulled the fill lever on the pump several times in order to top their tank off. Each time the lever tripped on their pump, the hose jumped on my pump. Both ethanol blend and non ethanol blend gas flows through the same line to both pumps, which was evident by the pressure surge when the other pump handle tripped creating the surge. So much for ethanol free gas.
Updated by John, April 04, 2015 12:03 CDT
This store still has ethanol free gasoline. I paid $2.28 per gallon for 87 octane on 04-03-2015.
Updated by wayne, December 18, 2014 11:28 CST
Reg cash $2.44 & credit $2.51 (12-18-2014)
Updated by Gerald, September 23, 2013 15:48 CDT
I just purchased ethanol free gas at this station. It is a small station with two pumps, but it keeps me from having to drive out of state to get this stuff.
Updated by longhorn, June 26, 2013 17:20 CDT
Posted by Shawn, June 25, 2013 20:16 CDT