Stubs Gas & Oil - SINCLAIR
16740 Hwy 39, Wiggins CO
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87
GPS coordinates: N 40.24405 W 104.05516 (entered by AskMeLater (Amarillo, TX))
Updated by AskMeLater (Amarillo, TX), July 14, 2015 1:28 CDT
** Filled up here today!
** Looks like all pumps have E10 labels attached, but pricing seems to suggest 87 octane is E0 (85=$2.699, 87=$2.979, 91=$3.009)
** Sign at front of property still states that 87 octane is E0.
** Make sure you take exit 66A (not 66B) off of I-76
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, August 25, 2013 15:15 CDT
This is the only E0 station along the I-76 corridor. They have clearly marked dedicated hoses. There is a sign out front advertising E0 gas. The folks who run this staion know exactly why they carry E0 fuel. The price as of 8/15/13 for 87 octane E0 is $3.69.9 per gallon.
Updated by buff, June 26, 2013 18:04 CDT
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, June 17, 2013 18:11 CDT
Added GPS coordinates.
Posted by Steve Satermo, June 17, 2013 17:39 CDT
Mid grade pumps have non-ethanol 87. Stub's is located @ exit 66A on I-76 in Wiggins, CO.