A&Y Mini Mart - VALERO
6523 C Beatline Rd, Long Beach MS
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 89
GPS coordinates: N 30.38341 W 89.18713 (entered by Rob B.)
Updated by ocean, July 24, 2019 16:43 CDT
No longer have premium only mid grade in the non ethanol gas
Updated by Maximillian Titus, May 18, 2018 15:26 CDT
2 Marked with red ethanol pumps and 2 others.
Updated by Brucifer, February 02, 2016 3:07 CST
Changed one island to ethanol and dropped the lower octane ratings for the other.
Updated by ted, November 12, 2015 0:03 CST
They changed ownership and have set their prices much higher than others in area to "make extra" money on the boaters that will come through
Updated by Rob B., February 22, 2014 0:32 CST
Updated GPS
Updated by Brucifer, February 13, 2014 14:17 CST
Updated Octane
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, June 17, 2013 13:04 CDT
Added phone number.
Posted by Deanne, June 17, 2013 11:25 CDT
Found this station but it didn't show up on the app, so I'm submitting it.