Harbor Springs Car Care - MARATHON
693 State St, Harbor Spgs MI
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 45.43521 W 84.99161 (located from address)
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It is 90 octane and it is about 70 cents a gallon higher than ethanol premium in the area . It is also a Full Service station .
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it was wrong
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Added phone number.
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I was filled up a Harley Motorcycle at this station this summer. The non-ethanol fuel was 90 octane, not 93. But the bike still ran fine. 92 or better is recommended for HD.
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Posted by Ryan Butler, March 20, 2013 15:29 CDT
A small, 2-pump, full service gas station and car care center. Station services the large number of classic and antique cars in the area and requested and received a waiver from the state to offer ethanol-free gasoline, but only in their premium (93 octane) fuel. Price is high at about 25 cents more per gallon than premium elsewhere, but worth it.