Smithcot Foods - PHILLIPS 66
2830 E 2nd St, Edmond OK
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 86 89 91
GPS coordinates: N 35.65267 W 97.44347 (located from address)
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Added phone number.
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Also available here is Biodiesel-free diesel. About Bio-diesel fuel: At present, Biodiesel fuel is bout one and a half times more expensive than petroleum diesel fuel. • It requires energy to produce biodiesel fuel from soy crops, plaus there is the energy of sowing, fertilizing and harvesting. • Another biodiesel fuel disadvantage is that it can harm rubber hoses in some engines. New 2013 and new pre-2013 new diesel car manuals strictly forbid using bio-diesel for the time being (posted July 2013). • As Biodiesel cleans the dirt from the engine, this dirt can then get collected in the fuel filter, thus clogging it. So, filters have to be changed after the first several hours of biodiesel use. • Biodiesel fuel distribution infrastructure needs improvement, which is another of the biodiesel fuel disadvantages.
Posted by Hadzeriga Jr Pablo, February 23, 2013 12:02 CST