Island View Market - UNBRANDED
7102 Ray Nash Dr Nw, Gig Harbor WA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87
GPS coordinates: N 47.32243 W 122.65873 (located from address)
Updated by Mark, July 04, 2020 10:55 CDT
corrected phone number
Updated by Richard Street, March 05, 2020 13:41 CST
Purchased today. About $4 gallon. Cash only no cards.
Updated by Ken & Ardis S., April 18, 2018 13:09 CDT
Stopped by this nice little country store with a single gas pump yesterday. Nice drive by the water through a residential area to get here. Clerk was very nice and informative, store was well stocked for a small place. Bought some non ethanol gas at $3.59 per gallon. They accept cash, credit, or debit.
Updated by Kit, April 18, 2016 17:36 CDT
The only gas they sell is ethanol free. A couple of days ago it was $2.699, not that much more that standard regular.
Updated by Tom A., October 07, 2014 22:06 CDT
Pricing in line with stations in town. 87 ethanol free for $3.69/gal
Updated by HT, August 27, 2014 16:23 CDT
Bought some today and they still sell pure gas. $4.29 for regular and $4.09 for diesel.
Updated by Tom A, September 27, 2013 15:41 CDT
Ethanol free 87 octane still available, Sept. 25, 2013 @ $3.99/gal. Self serve pump, use your credit card. Nice little store.
Updated by litesong, July 20, 2013 14:59 CDT
Had a pleasant conversation with the owners & bought some of their 100% gasoline, at their tiny but very picturesque store. They are committed to 100% gasoline. Runs my Elantra very well, but I forgot the miles on the tank of gas. So couldn't figure out mpg, but may be excellent. I'll be buying from them again. The Salish Sea(Puget Sound) inlets, harbors, peninsulas & islands are lovely in the region, so head over there & be good tourists. Price was $4.19 per gallon, good for the region, & so support some good people.
Posted by Jim & Chris Ohlinger, January 19, 2013 17:44 CST
We are also accessible by boat (tide permitting), 5 gallon gas cans are available for use at the dock. We are located just East of the Raft Island Bridge.