Holding Oil Co - UNBRANDED
534 S White St, Wake Forest NC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 35.97376 W 78.51146 (located from address)
Updated by Ranee, March 22, 2016 14:05 CDT
Holding Oil is closed on Good Friday 25-March, 2016. Happy Easter!
Updated by Ranee, March 11, 2016 14:36 CST
Update Octane
Updated by michigandon, December 31, 2015 15:56 CST
Was just there a couple days ago. Premium pump has a big sign that states "93 Octane is Ethanol-Free". Filled up two of my jerry cans @ $3.00 per gallon EVEN. None of that "nine tenths of a cent" BS! Can't remember the last time I got fuel out of a "reel" type pump!
Updated by WF Gas Phantom, September 17, 2015 15:57 CDT
Added phone number
Updated by feeboy, April 22, 2015 14:26 CDT
Just purchase ethanol-free 93 octane gasoline from Holding Oil Co. at $3.50 per gallon. They are pumping from an above ground tank in the back now and not the normal ethanol-free pump.
Updated by CD, May 08, 2014 21:03 CDT
Need to correct my post from yesterday. Not actually confirmed because I did not purchase or test any gas, but the pump is there: 93 octane ethanol-free. Spoke with gentlemen at the station as well and he stated the 93 octane was ethanol free.
Updated by CD, May 07, 2014 18:11 CDT
Stopped by today to ask if ethanol-free 93 is still available. Confirmed as of 05/07/2014. It is 20 - 30 cents higher than other stations selling premium with ethanol, but it's worth it.
Updated by Robert Mc, March 15, 2014 17:08 CDT
Still selling non-ethanol 93 supreme! Price is $4.09 which is 30 cents more than ethanol premium at Sheetz. Very nice folks operate this old-school facility
Updated by B A, March 03, 2013 5:12 CST
Open till 6 on weekdays. Closes around noon on Sat. Pump says Exxon, but large sign removed and in back. Price for Premium was $3.890. KEEP IT FLOWING.
Updated by Ed, February 18, 2013 9:24 CST
3.69 / gallon for 93 octane without alcohol on Feb 14, 2013.
Updated by al, December 21, 2012 7:49 CST
Posted by Chris H., November 27, 2012 9:46 CST