Parkers Mystik - MYSTIK
3660 Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga TN
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 89 93
GPS coordinates: N 35.02356 W 85.24472 (located from address)
Updated by casey, August 20, 2017 16:17 CDT
Updated by Josh, July 20, 2017 16:33 CDT
Pure gas, great quality fuel via OBD2 diagnostics. This is a small mom and pop type gas station that is full service or self service. New style pumps but can't pay at pumps.
Updated by tim, May 15, 2016 9:19 CDT
owner mentioned they had to drop citgo name since they went non-ethanol in 87,89 and 93. He said Mystik is another brand of Citgo.
Updated by tim, April 30, 2016 16:02 CDT
now selling 87,89,93 ethanol free. No pay at pump option. M-F 0800-1800, Saturday 0800-1400. Sunday Closed.
Updated by tim, March 07, 2015 16:03 CST
just filled up with ethanol free 93 octane today
Updated by VintageVespa, September 04, 2013 6:54 CDT
Updated octane rating, confirmed 9/4/13 still selling E0 "super premium" 93 octane corrected from 94 listed. Added phone number
Updated by al, November 24, 2012 6:07 CST
Posted by Jeff Patterson, November 22, 2012 17:31 CST
One of the last remaining full service gas stations here in Chattanooga. Good folks to deal with.