Chevron - CHEVRON
445 Se 6th Ave, Delray Beach FL
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 26.45376 W 80.06657 (located from address)
Updated by Trevor, March 24, 2016 16:48 CDT
Just by chance we needed gas & stumbled on this station & yes it has ethanol free gas on 2 pumps. I am a Canadian snowbird & we have lots of ethanol free gas to chose from up home but not so much down here. I will be filling up my car all the time at this station.
Updated by Robert, August 15, 2015 12:50 CDT
They cleaned the station up and am trying a few tank fulls will write after results.
Updated by John, July 05, 2014 16:25 CDT
Stopped by 2x since Andy posted that rec fuel is back. Happy to say that it is. Use it in both cars & yard maintenance equipment.
Updated by Andy Zircher, June 06, 2014 11:31 CDT
We recently installed extended, retractable hoses on two of our pumps so it is easier to fill up if you bring a larger sized boat or trailer. We are also renovating the convenience store this summer for a better customer experience. We hope to see you soon! Call with any questions. Andy Zircher
Updated by Andy Zircher, June 06, 2014 11:25 CDT
Removed by Andy Zircher, June 06, 2014 11:10 CDT
Reporting our station
Updated by john f, February 19, 2014 19:00 CST
they still have the rec fuel non-ethanol option. great for south palm beach.
Updated by Andy Zircher, February 15, 2014 13:43 CST
My wife and I purchased Delray Gas late last year. We still have the recreational fuel and it is here to stay. We are renovating the entire property this year. Stop in and visit us. See you soon!
Updated by Andy Zircher, February 15, 2014 13:35 CST
Removed by John, December 21, 2013 20:30 CST
Rebranded as Chevron, & the ethanol free gas is gone.
Updated by John, December 21, 2013 20:28 CST
Drove by yesterday & noticed it is now a Chevron station. Drove around the block & checked on Ethanol free availability. It's gone. They also pulled the pumps out that were on the side of the building that were ethanol free. They now have a red colored material over the top of the concrete where the pumps used to be, covering the holes. One other oddity is that the Chevron signs in place are used & UV faded.
Updated by Neal K, July 22, 2013 7:34 CDT
Gas prices for "Ethanol Free" gas are now $4.39 per gallon. It seems there are no consistent hrs at this station. If the station is closed- a debit/credit card can still be used. My Mazda Cx-5 mpg increased by 9 mpg using E.F. fuel. Even thought the fuel cost at this station is expensive my savings per tank average $12-$14 per gallon after deducting the higher cost purchasing Ethanol Free fuel. Ethanol in fuel reduces engine efficiency & now 15% Ethanol is going to be in every gallon soon. Where are the brains in government ? We consume more fuel when there is Ethanol in gas. How does this reduce dependence on foreign oil? BTW my F150 mpg increased by approx. 25% also.
Updated by Tonystewart, April 09, 2013 16:15 CDT
Today's price dropped from $4.29,9 to $4.25,9
Updated by Joshua, March 15, 2013 6:48 CDT
As of today 3-15-13 a gallon of 90 is going for 4.35 $
Updated by Sean Welliver, February 02, 2013 16:18 CST
Phone Numbers: Voice: 561-274-9016 Fax: 561-865-7466. SW
Updated by Sean, January 26, 2013 0:52 CST
I Fueled there today -- $3.999/Gallon for "Recreational" 90 Octane. Access easily from US1/South Federal Highway (a.k.a. SE 6th Av) -- which is One Way (N) in front of the station (Southbound runs on S.E 5th Av) -- by watching, as you travel Northbound, for SE 6th St.on your Left (no SE 6th St on the Right), and the location will be shortly ahead on the Right. It is fairly noticeable, as the colors are a fairly gaudy mix of reds and yellows, etc. The folks were nice enough, but it's definitely a place I'd be in-and-out efficient. Phone # will be forthcomng. SW
Updated by al, November 19, 2012 9:52 CST
Updated by eddie, November 13, 2012 6:46 CST
abbrev addr
Posted by Chaim Shore, November 12, 2012 14:17 CST
Full-service garage, with mechanic. Only non-white lightning gas in South Palm Beach Co., or NE Broward, where you do not have to tie up at a dock. Keeps my old Nissan injectors clear.