Soco / Kwik N Go - UNBRANDED
201 Us Hwy 278 E, Amory MS
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 89
GPS coordinates: N 33.98016 W 88.48468 (entered by Roger McCulloch)
Updated by bulldog, July 08, 2013 8:14 CDT
correct address
Updated by Roger McCulloch, April 02, 2013 15:09 CDT
I saw this station marked on the map in Brighton, Ontario, so here I am to fix it. C'mon, folks, if you don't even bother to check where the coordinates point to on the map, what's the point of this site? Anyway, to see where my revised coordinates point to in Street View, go to: Someone submitted for the alternate name "KWIK SAK", just because that is the closest name on the drop-down list of brand names to the real name of the store at the station, which is Kwik N Go, and which I added. I also added the phone number.
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