Paulden Park Place - UNBRANDED
23310 N Hwy 89, Paulden AZ
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 34.88572 W 112.46863 (located from address)
Removed by Jonathan Lathbury, August 23, 2013 11:33 CDT
It is with great sadness that I must remove this station. Talked with John, station owner, and he confirmed that he was on his first tank of E10 premium. I have put him in touch with a supplier in Prescott who may be able to deliver him a load of E0. Fingers crossed. But for now he needs to be removed from the list.
Updated by Paul, July 16, 2013 16:10 CDT
----CALL FIRST!! ---- I drove up from Phoenix on 7-14-2013 to fill up a couple jugs and they were out of non-ethanol gas. Norman informed me that due to high prices they hadn't re-ordered, but expect to get more sometime in the future. He didn't say when, but suggested calling first to check.
Updated by Chuck Hajek, June 17, 2013 13:13 CDT
June 16, 2013 All info is correct : 91 E0 gas $4.39.9 but already over a 100 miles and my V10 F450 running MUCH better! Nice little store also.
Updated by Ronnie, May 03, 2013 19:42 CDT
I have started to use them regularly.still dispenses from the premium side of the pumps placarded 91.
Updated by Jason Lathbury, March 29, 2013 20:40 CDT
Added phone number.
Updated by Dan, January 21, 2013 17:33 CST
I called on Jan. 21, and they still sell the ethanol-free gasoline. The current price is $439.9 gal.
Updated by al, December 14, 2012 7:36 CST
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, October 20, 2012 15:49 CDT
I called and verified that they still carry E0 91 octane premium. Today's price is $4.43.9 per gallon. They are located about 20 miles North of Prescott and just 25 miles South of I-40. This is the closest station to the I-40 corridor in central Arizona.
Updated by Jason Lathbury, October 16, 2012 23:15 CDT
Corrected octane. This station has a 91 octane E0 gas. All the other info is correct. They still stock E0 as I filled up here this past Sunday.
Posted by Jason Lathbury, September 30, 2012 18:19 CDT
The pump is not well marked but the E0 pure gas is sold through the premium side of the pump. They stock this product because the ranchers in the area need it for their airplanes. The station is located across the street from the small Post Office and is locally referred to as the "pink store". Their phone number is 928-636-9404. Their price today for E0 93 octane is $4.39.9. A little pricey but my car loves it. Do not confuse this station with the convenience store/gas station a short ways south of here. That place does not sell E0.