Trading Post - UNBRANDED
3017 Us Hwy 29, North Garden VA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 37.96773 W 78.63556 (located from address)
Updated by Ed Szeliga, June 29, 2019 7:52 CDT
I called the Trading Post on June 29th. I was told they no longer carry ethanol free 93 octane. They do have ethanol free 90 octane on a regular basis.
Updated by Mike, April 15, 2019 7:00 CDT
I buy 93 here often. But call before going as are often out. Called today and they were out after a busy weekend but plan on getting more. Nice folks and only place near Charlottesville I know of that typically has 93.
Updated by Mitch, September 20, 2016 14:13 CDT
Out of Ethanol Free 93 today, said they are waiting for shipment but dont know when it will arrive. I buy there almost weekly and this is the first time they have run out. To previous poster, there are 2 non-ethanol pumps in front with dedicated hoses. Any problems ask the folks inside, they are always very helpful.
Updated by Kevin, April 29, 2016 14:30 CDT
Could not find the ethanol free pump. All pumps in front are 10% ethanol...
Updated by tj, December 04, 2015 9:42 CST
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, July 05, 2014 20:59 CDT
Added phone number. This station is located on US Hwy 29.
Updated by Elizabeth B, October 05, 2013 13:46 CDT
Significant discount for cash; about 20 cents per gallon today (didn't note exact difference as I only had a credit card and didn't want to think about how much I was overspending!)
Updated by Andy McIntyre, October 02, 2013 11:33 CDT
Bought ethanol-free premium there yesterday. New pay-at-the-pump equipment was installed a few months ago and works fine.
Updated by Tony Townsend, April 03, 2013 15:09 CDT
All pumps closed for renovation 4-3-2013
Updated by al, March 06, 2013 5:39 CST
Posted by Steve, September 27, 2012 17:14 CDT