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Been filling up at Ultramar for the last year. Has always had ethanol free premium. Today they slapped the "May contain up to 10% ethanol" sticker on premium pumps. (16th Ave and Keele, Maple, ON) – RussellMaple (January 10, 2019)
If you're still looking for an alternative free mapping solution for this website, check out Open Street Map: – Sam B (January 13, 2019)
The individual filling station pages should have unique titles, so its possible to create desktop shortcuts and bookmarks through favicon drag & drop method. – guest (January 13, 2019)
your captcha won't agree and i tried over 5 times. whats up with it.. all the fields are filled in, but won't take the captcha. – DavidAnacortes, WA (January 17, 2019)
As of Feb.1 Ultramar 91 gas will now contain 10% ethanol – MikePort Perry, Ontario (January 17, 2019)
This site is great, HOWEVER stations that do not have pump gas don’t belong here. Prepackaged gas averages $65 for a five gallon can. No thanks – JohnPennsylvania (January 21, 2019)
PureGas App wont work on my Galaxy S9. I've tried uninstall and install several times but no stations are shown. – KEITH GILLSalida Colorado (January 22, 2019)
For at least a couple weeks now, the Android app has failed to load stations on both my devices: phone - Motorola Z2 Play running Android 8.0.0 and tablet - Asus P00I (forget model name) running Android 7.0 and all other software works fine, including location-dependent apps. Rick Mozeleski, a/k/a – MadFuelerWinston-Salem, NC (January 24, 2019)
I just rebuilt the carbs on an 85 Honda Magna V700C I bought recently and the jets were green and corroded just like Lemmy was ranting about. I still have some work to go on the bike, but rebuilding those carbs was hard work but hopefully worth it. – DynodaddioKissimmee Fl. (January 26, 2019)
What do we do about half octanes? I just found a station that had 88.5 on the sticker. (Is that weird, or what?) I used 88, figuring it would be better to go too low than too high when getting the info out - but I was wondering if there were a consensus on this, or if it's the only one of its kind? Rick Mozeleski, a/k/a – MadFuelerWinston-Salem, NC (January 27, 2019)
Android app does not work at this time. (January 29, 2019) – Kenneth A CheckEugene, OR (January 29, 2019)
Just wondering if Pure Gas will store longer than E10 or E85 if I still add a fuel storage additive? I store in approved gas cans in a cool and dark shed. I rotate it out every 6 months, but would like to store longer if possible. Thank you – MethaneKilleen Texas (January 29, 2019)
Methane in Texas, In answer to your question, E0 gas has a much longer shelf life than ethanol contaminated fuel. E0 gas can be stored for two+ years before degradation starts. Whereas E10 and E85 can start to go bad in as little as six to eight weeks. Quicker if stored where the fuel is exposed to high humidity. Hope this helps. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (January 29, 2019)
Hey folks, sorry about not keeping up with deleting the spam posts. I just discovered that I've not been getting email from comment postings quite a bit. I cleared out all the ones I found. – SamSanta Fe (February 1, 2019)
Just saw an EO gasoline station in Broken Bow, Nebraska named "Whoa & Go". Now, that's funny. I thought that I should stop there & get gas someday. But they only have 91 octane. I would need to go to Casey's in Broken Bow to find 87 octane E0. – litesongeverett WA (February 4, 2019)
Pretty sure the Android app's been broken for over a month now - it will not load any stations, just sits there showing the rotating 'hourglass?' thingie. Any idea when that will be fixedf? – Ninke WestraMississippi (February 11, 2019)
What do you know about ethanol blends in Mexico? More specifically Baja. Ive it Mexico doesn't import Ethanol, but Ive also heard mixed versions of that story. Any input on Mexico fuel? Thanks, BRob – BRobAZ (February 12, 2019)
Just curious....100LL octane from airport ok to run in everything from chain saws to your standard car or truck? – MikeOlympia (February 13, 2019)
.... ethanol blends in Mexico? More specifically Baja. – BRob, AZ (February 12, 2019)///////// Hi BRob....Don't know about ethanol in Baja. But the main roads in mid-Baja were very narrow in the early 1990.s. Our "not wide van", got its driver's rearview mirror destroyed by a vehicle in the oncoming lane....& neither vehicle was over the centerline. In other words, don't take a wide vehicle. – litesongEverett, WA (February 14, 2019)
Mike from Olympia - I'm not a mechanic, but here's what I see about 100LL avgas: unless your 'standard car or truck' is one made before 1974, then don't do it. Any lead content will mess with a catalytic converter, and even though the "LL" stands for "low lead" that term is, according to online sources, relative to older forms of aviation fuel, and not "low" period; it's still quite high.

Now if you've passed that hurdle, know that even though aviation fuel is more expensive than gasoline for cars, not a penny of that expense goes to road taxes, so you may run into legal trouble if it somehow becomes known to the Man in Blue that you're using it.

As for power tools, I can't say - but since all gas commonly sold nowadays is unleaded, then I'd think they're designed to take that sort of fuel. (However, I'd think they'd be designed to take some ethanol nowadays too - but many anecdotes here and elsewhere say otherwise!) Consult your owner's manual or local small engine repairman to find out. - Rick Mozeleski, a/k/a – MadFuelerWinston-Salem, NC (February 17, 2019)