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Thanks for this site, Sam. Looking around the Minnesota map it seems every listing has non-ethanol 91 but I'd like to find 93 octane if I could. Being able to filter by octane rating on the map could be useful.

In the middle of writing this comment I saw that the stations are listed too, and there's very little 93 octane available in MN, damn shame. – DonMinnesota (August 7, 2018)
There is no such thing as “free energy” .. – BruceVirginia (August 9, 2018)
Sam and the gang are doing a sterling job of keeping this much needed site running, updating and maintained ... despite Google's shortcomings. If you just have to carp at someone, contact your Congresspeople. They are the ones responsible for creating the Welfare Program for the Agricultural Industry (called the ethanol mandate) that made this site necessary. Remind them about that "Freedom of Choice" thing. – RonCypress, Tx. (August 11, 2018)
Would it be possible to get KML files by state or region? I can download the entire KML file in my GPS, but it only accepts 999 "favorites" to show on the screen. Would like a file of 950 or less with Oregon, Washington and possibly other western states. – JimOregon (August 13, 2018)
Hi, Jim - yes, the state-wise KML and KMZ files exist. The links look like this: etc.

If you want KML (KMZ is just zipped KML) substitute "kml" on the file extension. – SamSanta Fe, NM (August 13, 2018)
Just a thought for next up date, a filter to for gas grades would be helpful – GableCharlotte nc (August 16, 2018)
I have found many Shell stations in my area have no ethanol stickers. I'm thinking they are straight gasoline. – LEONE TOMyoungstown, ohio (August 17, 2018)
Tom in Youngstown, Ohio, Do not trust that a pump is missing good labeling. Ohio does not require pump labeling to disclose that the gas has ethanol or not. In my travels the only stations in Ohio that I trust are those that specifically claim their gas does not contain ethanol. This info can be found here in the "about this site" section. When in doubt then you should consider testing the gas which can also be found in the "about this site" section. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (August 17, 2018)
Still selling as of Aug. 19, 2018. $3.99 gal 93 octane – LarryVA (August 19, 2018)
Updated 8/19/2018. Still selling. 93 Octane@$3.99 gallon – LarryWarrenton BP (August 19, 2018)