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......blend 84 octane E0 with ethanol to get 87 octane E? I don’t know if it’s now E10 or E15..... price difference between 87 octane E0 and 87 octane E10 (or E15) is now 40 cents a gallon at most stations........How common is this in other areas? – Fred, Cedar Rapids, IA (December 1, 2018)//////// I've mentioned this often AND even in my post on November 26, 2018. When 84 octane E0 is blended with ten percent 114 octane ethanol, averaged mathematically, the blended concoction is CALLED "87 octane E10". The government then states that this concoction can be used (but not burned efficiently) in an 87 octane gasoline engine. Fred, you can see "87 octane E10" has only 114 octane ethanol molecules AND 84 octane gasoline molecules & cannot be used efficiently in an 87 octane designed gasoline engine. The only reason 87 octane E0 is more expensive than "87 octane E10" is that the gov't penalizes manufacturers for making 87 octane (& other octanes) E0. Plus as surmised above, 87 octane E10 reduces MPG by 8% to 5%, compared to 87 octane E0. – litesongEverett, WA (December 2, 2018)
Would like the admin/developer to add Git & Go to the drop down list of stations. Most of the Git & Go convenience stores in Iowa have no alcohol gas. Also, as noted in the listings, most Casey's and most Kim & Go convenience stores have no alcohol gas. Thanks – BradIowa (December 3, 2018)
Brad in Iowa, The problem is that as you said only "most" of these stations sells E0 gas. While there are some stations within a particular brand chain that do not sell E0 gas then the chain can not be listed as a block. Plus for folks traveling it helps to know the exact location of the E0 stations. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (December 3, 2018)
I've heard that the corn growing states for ethanol production are recently excited about new "don'T rump" regulations allowing more avenues to put E-15(15% ethanol) into gas tanks. Can someone enlighten me as to the reality of such? Could large-scale E-15 introduction cause the jumpy price of ethanol-free gasoline (E0) to go even higher? Thank you. – litesongEverett, Washington (December 6, 2018)
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Sinclair in Indio CA does not have ethanol free gas. Please remove from list. – DanIndio (December 9, 2018)
Many oil concerns make higher & high octane E0 sources available. Wisconsin has the most E0 sources with ~ 936, but only 115 E0 sources offer 87-89 octane E0. NY serves 768 E0 sources, but only about sixty 87-89 lower octane E0 sources are available. – litesongEverett, Washington (December 9, 2018)
I removed the Sinclair in Indio and now I’m seeing the Costco in Rancho Cucomonga CA on the map but not on the CA list? – Dan finnellyIndio (December 10, 2018)
Continuing my yesterday's post of rare low octane E0 sources: Maine has 77 E0 sources, but none for 87-89 octane; Vermont has 96 E0 sources, but only one for 89 octane; New Hampshire has 43 E0 sources, but none for 87-89 octane; Ohio has 245 E0 sources, but 20-ish for 87-89 octane. Has "good" E0 sources for 90 octane. – litesongEverett Washington (December 10, 2018)
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