Post suggestions and comments about below. I reserve the right to remove them at my discretion, especially if they have a clear political angle. Pure gas is a nonpartisan issue. I'm a Democratic Socialist, many users of this site are right-wing Republicans, even Tea Party, and yet we can all agree that ethanol policy is a mistake. It's not a liberal or conservative policy, it's the result of heavy lobbying by the ethanol industry, like ADM, combined with a massive blunder by the EPA in their attempt to spur the adoption of E85 vehicles back in 2007. We can all get along on this just fine.

Comments about specific stations are deleted – those should go in the station comments. If you find a station listing in error, update it or remove it. This page is for general comments about the site and pure gas, of interest to all visitors. Also, comments requesting that gas prices be added will be deleted. Read about this site or just think for a minute about how this site is updated. Prices would never be accurate on this site and they will never be added to the database. Ever.

Sam, could a "pass the hat" campaign be started to offset the costs? The map is the first item I check when I visit this site. I tried to import the KML file into several viewers, none worked. – pbSTL (May 23, 2018)
Sam, regarding map size, in reading other forums about KML size, would this be a good argument to drop the airports/ restricted sale locations? Or make a separate map for those guys? – pbSTL (May 23, 2018)
Oh, I'll figure something out, pb, I use the big map as well. The KML file should load fine into Google Earth, though. – SamSanta Fe, NM (May 23, 2018)
OH, pb, I just ran a validator on the KML file and it had a couple stations with out-of-range latitude. That normally doesn't affect the big Google map (it just ignores bad entries) but may cause problems with your KML viewer. Try a new download, it validates now and I've added some extra validation code so folks can't put in latitudes or longitudes out of range. – SamSanta Fe, NM (May 23, 2018)
Yayyy!!! The Android app is back on Google Play!!! – BrianIndependence, Oregon (May 23, 2018)
I believe I have mentioned this before has gone unchanged........MacEwen petroleum does not offer Ethanol Free at any of their stations in Canada........period.......this indication should be eliminated from the main page and.......not to be misleading any of our motorists that value the Ethanol Free fuel..and as to where it is actually available but not at MacEwens...!

Thank You, Fred Willard – Fred WillardOntario Canada (May 24, 2018)
Thanks, Fred, I've removed MacEwen from that blurb. – SamSanta Fe (May 24, 2018)
I've tried to comment/update the status of the Spanaway Airport but your unintelligle security code image has made it impossible for me to do so. The Spanaway Airport no longer has fuel. In fact they have removed their pumps completely. – Scott BurdickSpanaway (May 24, 2018)
If the google map issue does not end up resolved, suggest having a KML file for stations by state that could be used for locals as well as those who are traveling and know their route. Smaller file size that might be more easily loaded and accepted into user map programs. Maybe update monthly or every 2 months. – MarkWI (May 25, 2018)
When the Icons were on the map for the Pure Gas fuel it was so much better than the current listing of stations by state. Is there any chance of getting the map with the stations shown on it back?? If possible please try and get the old presentation with the stations shown.

Regards, Lew Gage – Lew GageRen, Nv. (May 27, 2018)