Post suggestions and comments about below. I reserve the right to remove them at my discretion, especially if they have a clear political angle. Pure gas is a nonpartisan issue. I'm a Democratic Socialist, many users of this site are right-wing Republicans, even Tea Party, and yet we can all agree that ethanol policy is a mistake. It's not a liberal or conservative policy, it's the result of heavy lobbying by the ethanol industry, like ADM, combined with a massive blunder by the EPA in their attempt to spur the adoption of E85 vehicles back in 2007. We can all get along on this just fine.

Comments about specific stations are deleted – those should go in the station comments. If you find a station listing in error, update it or remove it. This page is for general comments about the site and pure gas, of interest to all visitors. Also, comments requesting that gas prices be added will be deleted. Read about this site or just think for a minute about how this site is updated. Prices would never be accurate on this site and they will never be added to the database. Ever.

Jess in Houston, the problem is not the oil companies. Given the choice they would rather not be forced to blend ethanol into their fuel supply. Ethanol is very hard and detrimental to industrial pumping equipment and can not be piped the way oil products can.

The problem is the RFS. Its a failed government mandate that should be repealed. I recommend you start your letter writing campaign with the current head of the EPA. The EPA has the power to make adjustments to the RFS while by-passing Congress. Scott Pruitt has done some to back off the onerous regulations of the updated RFS from 2013. He comes out of Oklahoma and is a friend to the oil companies. However he has also been somewhat duplicitous by pledging support to the Iowa based ethanol industry.

None the less the EPA is the place to start. Also the White House has a petition program that if given enough signatures the president will address a particular issue. Sam tried this several years ago but we could get enough signatures. Maybe its time to try again. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (March 29, 2018)
I’d like to filter out anything other than 93 octane non-ethanol gas rather than scrolling through pages of gas stations – tedSC (April 5, 2018)
Just went through a phone upgrade and learned that Pure-Gas app is no longer available. I see from comments this has been a problem for at least a couple of months, maybe longer? Any updates on when you will show up on the App store again - I couldn't find any equivalent apps that had a decent rating! – H C ChadbournAR (April 7, 2018)
Main page says Esso 93 is ethanol free. It is NOT nor is 94. I checked with a station attendant (as well as on the pumps). He says it has ethanol and since there are no ethanol stickers on any grades, then all grades have it. Sucks. – LenToronto ON (April 8, 2018)
Thanks, Len. We've gone back and forth several times on Esso in Canada - I conclude that the stations are inconsistent, even if the mother ship has a policy. Removed the main page blurb. – SamSanta Fe, NM (April 8, 2018)
Unable to edit my previous comment. Wanted to add, "Thanks! for the locations of pure-gas service stations and your efforts overall. Hope my contribution will be of value to others." So, there. Consider my original comment as edited. :-) – GeorgiaDawgmetro-Atlanta, GA, U.S. (April 13, 2018)
MacEwen Petroleums do not sell any Ethanol Free gas at any of their stations all across Canada.....the Operations Manager at the company headquarters would not confirm this so......and there isn't any indication of Ethanol Free Gas at their pumps so......they do not deserve recognition to being listed as an Ethanol Free company.......they have been removed wherever they are listed......please be aware of this......!

Thank You Fred Willard – Fred WillardOntario (April 17, 2018)
I have been able to contact the representative for Irving Fuels in Atlantic Canada and according to their information all Premium Pumps do not contain any Ethanol at all their stations. Would it be possible to have this information posted on the website for all Atlantic Canada ?

Thank You,

Fred Willard – Fred WillardOntario (April 17, 2018)
Done, Fred, thanks for the info. – SamSanta Fe, NM (April 17, 2018)
I Too, went through an upgrade, and have lost my 'pure gas' app. It DOES NOT WORK with fricken IOS 11.3!!! Arrrgh!!! Please,please,please, address this!! Love the app, love the benefit!! – NoelTN (April 19, 2018)