Post suggestions and comments about below. I reserve the right to remove them at my discretion, especially if they have a clear political angle. Pure gas is a nonpartisan issue. I'm a Democratic Socialist, many users of this site are right-wing Republicans, even Tea Party, and yet we can all agree that ethanol policy is a mistake. It's not a liberal or conservative policy, it's the result of heavy lobbying by the ethanol industry, like ADM, combined with a massive blunder by the EPA in their attempt to spur the adoption of E85 vehicles back in 2007. We can all get along on this just fine.

Comments about specific stations are deleted – those should go in the station comments. If you find a station listing in error, update it or remove it. This page is for general comments about the site and pure gas, of interest to all visitors. Also, comments requesting that gas prices be added will be deleted. Read about this site or just think for a minute about how this site is updated. Prices would never be accurate on this site.

GR - all you need is a skinny jar and a Sharpie. Take a look at the "Can I test gas myself to see if it contains ethanol?" blurb on about this site. – SamSanta Fe, NM (June 23, 2016)
Thanks, Sam. Looks easy enough. Just did a valve job on one of my chevy v8 and was shocked at the amount of valve damage there was. Looked like swiss cheese with huge pits all over them. Never going to run any ethanol fuel ever again. – GRFlorida (June 23, 2016)
GR - that's impressive. I've heard about valve damage, but this may be our first direct report of it (as opposed to the havoc ethanol wreaks on fuel systems). I don't understand why EtOH would pit valves other than water rusting them if the engine is stored for a long time. – SamSanta Fe, NM (June 23, 2016)
The engine is not run daily but only a couple times a month. The pits are definitely from rusting and I'm sure the damage is from the water-absorbing ethanol. – GRFlorida (June 23, 2016)
is something still up with the big map? i added fastlane, 200 brook ln., laurie, mo yesterday and it still isn't showing up. what have i done wrong? – pbstl (June 24, 2016)
It's on there now, pb. Takes a while. Hit F5 when you're looking at the big map in case you've cached it locally. – SamSanta Fe, NM (June 24, 2016)
My wife accidentally put non oxygenated gas in her 2014 VW Jetta Hybrid today. Is it okay or should she have the gas tank dropped and emptied? – TomPlymouth MN (June 27, 2016)
Tom in Mn, If you said it correctly then the gas she used is E0 gas which is in my opinion the best gas to use. Non-oxygenated is the same as non-ethanol, ethanol free, or E0 gas. The term oxygenated gas is primarily used in the upper mid-west. Frankly one tank here and there of oxygenated or ethanol blended gas, as long as it is 10% blend or less, will not hurt your wife's car. Even if you accidentally put in E15, considering it might have been put in on a partial tank then its overall effect is minimized. Automotive technology has improved over the years to the point where damage caused by continued ethanol use has been reduced. Its still a matter of performance and fuel economy where ethanol fails to deliver both. Its also a matter of vehicles that are driven very little where ethanol can be quite damaging because of its short life span and will go bad sitting in the tank.

For you, no need to do anything drastic. Just take the opportunity to do a fuel economy check to see if there is any difference. Otherwise I believe continued use of E0 or non-oxygenated gas will give you superior results. Just my opinion. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (June 27, 2016)
This site is terribly inaccurate many locations on map aren't even there, others that are have no pure gas. – DerekHuntsville al (June 29, 2016)
Derek in Huntsville, I think you may have missed the function of this site. It is purely a user driven site and is dependent on users like yourself. Rather than complaining about the site's perceived inaccuracies in its comment section, why not do as the site is intended and de-list those stations you know for a fact that don't sell E0 gas and help make sure the map is correct by checking the accuracy of addresses and GPS coordinates.

Keep in mind there is a time delay on the large map due to the large number of E0 station listings. It sometimes takes a couple of days before a station will show up or a changed station will be re-located. Otherwise, if you want this site to work then do your part in keeping it properly updated rather than just complaining about it. Just my opinion. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (June 29, 2016)
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